Alpha Alpha Chapter of STTI

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Greetings, Alpha Alpha members!

Hi Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Alpha Members,

Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Alpha Chapter is looking for new board members!  We are currently looking for member interest in any of the following roles: 

Vice President

Job Description:  performs various responsibilities on behalf of the chapter. This position performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence. The Vice President also facilitates achievement of chapter goals and oversees at least two chapter program each year. The Vice President often oversees the membership engagement efforts and frequently chairs or serves on committees as needed.

President Elect

Job Description:  The primary function of the President-Elect is to shadow the current president and observe chapter operations until the end of the term, at which time the President-Elect succeeds into the role as president. 


Job Description:  The treasurer’s responsibility is to manage chapter funds.This includes preparing the annual budget and developing or maintaining fiscal policies and procedures.The treasurer is required to present financial information to the Board of Directors at each meeting and works with the President to complete the financial section of the annual report.


Job Description:  The counselor is responsible for selecting candidates based on membership eligibilitycriteria determined by the chapter bylaws. The counselor is also responsible for sending membership invitations and managing the induction process.

Research Counselor

Job Description:  Oversee the chapter’s research awards and grants programs including developing, reviewing and revising criteria for research awards and funding of research grants. This position also   manages the process for reviewing and evaluating abstracts and proposals, as well as managing the development of strategies for promoting research awards and grants.

Awards Chair

Job Desscription:  Oversee the development, review and revision of criteria and funding for recognition awards and scholarships distributed by the chapter. Additionally, oversee the recruitment, selection and communications processes associated with chapter and international awards.

Communications Director

Job Description:  responsible for maintaining the chapter’s visibility within the institution and community, as well as publicizing events, deadlines and news to chapter members.  Furthermore, is responsible for monitoring, improving and updating the chapter’s website.

If you would like to get involved in planning the future of STT Alpha Alpha Chapter please contact Christa Seaman at with your interest by October 11, 2013.  We plan to vote for board membership in November 2013.     

Thank you!

STT Alpha Alpha Chapter Board

Officers and Board Members

  • President: Meg Zomorodi
  • Past President: Chris Wehner
  • Vice President: Barbara Jo Foley
  • Secretary: Nakia Best
  • Treasurer: Pam Jenkins
  • Counselors: Sandy Hoffman and Betty Nance
  • Administrative Support: Priscilla Stephens
  • Research Committee: Eric Hodges and Ann Jessup
  • Awards Chair: Diane Yorke
  • Health Care Organization Representatives: Sharon Gorden (Durham VAMC), Joanne Kuszaj (Rex Hospital), Marilyn Morales (UNCH), Mary Ann Wilcox (Wake Med)

The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau is always looking for ways to involve our members. We currently are looking for ‘champions’ to help recruit new clinical leaders and advertise current chapter events. Champions will be liaisons in their institutions to help connect members and maintain contact with the Alpha Alpha Chapter Board. Interested individuals can contact Meg Zomorodi.



Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter