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1950 – UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing is established. First program in North Carolina to offer a four-year baccalaureate nursing degree.

1955 – First to offer a master’s degree in nursing in North Carolina. Accreditation received from the National League for Nursing.

1964 – First continuing education program for nurses in North Carolina. Program continues to provide learning opportunities for practicing nurses to maintain current knowledge.

1985 – Nursing school’s Research Support Center created to facilitate faculty research endeavors, increase external funding for faculty research, and develop new scholars.

1989 – First to offer a doctoral degree in nursing in the state of North Carolina.

1992 – First minority affairs office developed in a North Carolina nursing school. Office of Minority Affairs (OMA) facilitates the recruitment, career development, and retention of minority faculty, students, and staff.

1992 – Post-Master’s program developed to train nurse practitioners and clinical leaders.

1994 – Established the Center for Research on Chronic Illness (CRCI). One of only six such centers nationwide, the CRCI is funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research and facilitates multidisciplinary studies on the processes involved in the prevention and management of chronic illnesses in vulnerable populations.

1994 – Office of Community Outreach and Practice created to foster relationship between School of Nursing and North Carolina residents. Office makes faculty knowledge, practice, and teaching and research skills accessible to the public.

1996 – Institutional National Research Service Award granted $1,083,085 over five years to School of Nursing to fund pre- and post-doctoral fellowships.

1998 – Continuing Education partnered with UNC Hospitals, Department of Nursing, to encourage faculty/nursing staff collaboration on research projects and to offer joint continuing education programs.

1998 – Options for RNs expanded to include RN to MSN program. BSN to PhD program started.

2001 – North Carolina’s first program enabling college grads to receive a BSN degree in 14, instead of 24, months is established.

2005 – First school on Chapel Hill’s campus to construct an environmentally-friendly building that meets the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines.

2007 – Reached 104 percent of its $15 million goal toward the Carolina First campaign, a drive to make UNC the nation’s leading public education institution.