First Degree Admissions Information

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Students seeking a first bachelor’s degree are admitted to the upper division (junior/senior) B.S.N. (6-semester) option, typically in the spring semester of the sophomore year¹. Students must complete all lower-division (first-year/sophomore) courses prior to matriculating into the School of Nursing. The first nursing courses begin in the first summer session (May) preceding the junior year.

Application Deadline
BSN 6-term option: December 22nd (May matriculation)
Admission Criteria
Admission to the School of Nursing is competitive. Effective May 2014 matriculation (December 2013 application deadline), all applicants to the 6-term BSN option must have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8. Admission to UNC–Chapel Hill as a first-year student does not guarantee admission to the School of Nursing as a junior. Applicants must be eligible to return to all institutions previously attended.
At the time of application, applicants to the B.S.N. option must have completed at least three of the five key science courses within the past ten years. The key science courses are: BIOL 252**, PHYI 202**, MCRO 251, PSYC 101, and STOR 151 or 155. Effective with May 2014 matriculation (December 2013 application deadline), a grade of B- or better is required in BIOL 252**, PHYI 202**, and MCRO 251. A C or better is required in PSYC 101 and STOR 151/155. STOR 155 is strongly recommended for students interested in graduate study. All General Education requirements of UNC-CH and all nursing science prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculating into the program.
The admissions committee critically evaluates each applicant’s academic performance, descriptive essays, community service history, and special skills and abilities that have the potential to affect care delivery or contribute overall to the nursing profession. The ideal applicant will clearly demonstrate a strong academic history as well as a commitment to the ideology of nursing and service to others. Performance in required science courses is particularly important.
Prerequisite Requirements
First degree applicants must complete ALL General Education requirements of UNC-CH and ALL nursing science prerequisites prior to matriculating into the program. Prospective students can request an unofficial transcript evaluation to determine the status of compliance with lower-division requirements. Students enrolled in any of the North Carolina Community Colleges may view course equivalencies here: Admissions – Transcript Evaluation – NC Community College Equivalencies. The lower-division requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are as follows:

(Lower Division Requirements)
– English 101, 102
– Foreign Languages (Through level 3 unless you place into level 4)
– Statistics (STOR) 151 or Statistics (STOR) 155 (QR)
– (1) Lifetime Fitness (LF)
– *Global Issues (GL)
– *US Diversity (US)
– Experiential Education (EE)Two of the following:
– Communication Intensive (CI)
– Quantitative Intensive (QI)
– The North Atlantic World (NA)
– Beyond the North Atlantic World (BN)
– The World Before 1750 (WB)
– Psychology 101 (Physical/Life Science) (PL)
– (1) Physical and Life Science w/ Lab (PX)
– (1) Social Science (SS)
– (1) Historical Analysis (HS)
– (1) Additional course from SS or HS
– (1) Philosophical and Moral Reasoning (PH)
– (1) Visual and Performing Arts (VP)
– (1) Literary Arts (LA)
(some may also satisfy General Education Prerequisites)
  • *Psychology 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • *Statistics (STOR) 151 Basic Concepts of Statistics and Data Analysis OR Statistics (STOR) 155 Introduction to Statistics NOTE: STOR 155 is strongly recommended for students interested in graduate study.
  • Biology 101/101L Principles of Biology
  • Chemistry 101/101L and Chemistry 102/102L General Descriptive Chemistry OR Biochemistry 107 and Biochemistry 108 Introduction to Biochemistry
  • *Biology 252 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab (Note: online lab is unacceptable)**
  • *Physiology 202 Introduction to Physiology**
  • *Microbiology 251 Introduction to Medical Microbiology (Note: online lab is unacceptable)
Special Note:
Effective May 2014 matriculation (December 2013 application deadline), all applicants must have earned a grade of B- or better in BIOL 252**, PHYI 202**, MCRO 251 and a C or better in PSYC 101 and STOR 151/155 or approved equivalents (Faculty approved 4/15/13).
Effective January 2012 matriculation (August 2011 application deadline), all applicants must have completed the two-course combination, Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II sequence from the same college/university, OR a complete course in Anatomy and a complete course in Physiology. BSN applicants can apply with Anatomy and Physiology II or Physiology outstanding, but the course must be complete by May. If these courses are not completed on this campus, they must be approved equivalencies to the courses offered at UNC-Chapel Hill.
** Students at UNC-CH may take either BIOL 252 and PHYI 202 OR BIOL 352 and 353.

¹Students applying to the School of Nursing during their junior or senior year may be subject to a tuition surcharge. Visit the Office of the University Registrar website for additional information.


The BSN application opens in October with a December 22nd deadline for May matriculation. The application link, instructions, deadlines, and decision time frame can be found on the Applications page.

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