List of TA Faculty

Technical Assistance (TA) is defined as the provision of education-related consultation, support or assistance to practicing health professionals or to health care delivery institutions/units. Our office is pleased to be able to assist regional AHEC nursing personnel by identifying faculty who are available to provide TA throughout the North Carolina. Faculty members are willing to work through the nine regional AHECs to provide assistance to health care facilities and nursing programs across the state. Below are the guidelines for requesting TA for your regional AHEC.

  • Review the online School of Nursing (SON) AHEC Speakers and Programs Catalog to match faculty expertise with regional needs. If you need assistance with identifying faculty for TA, please call the SON AHEC office so that we can assist you.
  • Once you have decided on the type of TA your region requires, please contact the SON AHEC office directly by phone or email at 919-966-3736 or We will contact the faculty member and see if she or he is willing to provide the service you need.
  • After a faculty member has agreed to provide technical assistance; you will be provided with contact information.  Please contact the faculty member directly to discuss TA needs. The agency that  requested the assistance may also talk with the faculty member. Please note that faculty members who provide technical assistance do not receive additional pay for this service. Technical assistance is considered  part of the faculty’s service obligation to the University.
  • Once the faculty member and the agency have reached an agreement, contact the SON AHEC office immediately and provide a description of what the faculty member has agreed to in writing. The agreement should be shared with the faculty member and the agency requesting the TA.
  • The host AHEC makes program presentation and accommodation arrangements for faculty consultants. The SON makes all travel arrangements including automobiles and Med Air flights.
  • If hotel accommodations are required, please seek approval in advance through the SON AHEC office.  We request that the host AHEC make hotel reservations for the faculty consultant; though reservations can be made by the faculty member directly. No Regional AHEC should incur the cost of a hotel room since this is considered a SON expense. The faculty member should charge the hotel room to a personal credit card and our office will reimburse them for those costs after receiving the original hotel receipt and reimbursement form.
  • If faculty members ask you to make travel arrangements for them, please refer them  to the SON AHEC office.
  • If faculty members travel by Med Air, ground transportation from the airport should be provided by the host AHEC.
If it is necessary to cancel or postpone the planned TA, notify the SON AHEC office at least three days in advance of the scheduled date and provide information as to why the change is necessary.
After the Technical Assistance has been provided, please send the SON AHEC office the following information: the name of the faculty member who provided the technical assistance, the type of assistance that was provided and for whom it was provided, how long the assistance lasted and a brief evaluation of the service

Because Technical Assistance is provided by full time faculty members, there are limitations on how much time they may spend providing TA. In general, faculty members may provide no more than one day at a time or a total of three days providing this help to one agency. Assistance beyond that is most commonly provided by professional paid consultants.