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Basic 12-Lead EKG

Instructor: TBD
Length: 6-8 Hours
Audience: RNs and other healthcare providers

Basic ECG Interpretation

Instructor: TBD
Length: 6 - 8 hours
Audience: RNs and other interested health care providers.

Being an Effective Charge Nurse in Today’s Health Care Systems

Instructor: Donna W. Bailey
Length: 8 hours
Audience: RNs beginning a charge nurse role, experienced charge nurses interested in using a systematic approach to developing in the charge nurse role, and nurse managers interested in a systematic framework for developing charge nurses in their settings.

Breastfeeding: Promoting Success

Instructor: Kathryn Alden
Length: 3 to 6 hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs

Breastfeeding: When Second Nature Isn’t — Maternal Problems That May Hinder Successful Breastfeeding

Instructor: Kathryn Alden
Length: 3 hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs

Behavioral Health Update for Non-Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses

Instructor: Victoria Soltis-Jarrett
Length: 8 hours
Audience: Non-psychiatric mental health RNs and LPNs. The program can also be tailored to nursing assistants and other clinicians.