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Health of Midlife Women

Instructor: Regina McCarthy
Length: 1.5 to 2 hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs

Helping Families Deal with a Change of Plans: The Birth of a Child with Down Syndrome

Instructor: Marcia Van Riper
Length: 2 - 6 Hours
Audience: Nurses and all interested health care providers.

High Risk Antepartal Home Care (High Risk Pregnancy)

Instructor: Kathryn Alden
Length: 6 hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs in home care settings

Humor in the Workplace…because humor and happiness truly are the best medicine

Instructor: Connie Domino, MPH, RN
Length: 2 to 3 hours
Audience: CNAs, RNs and other healthcare professionals

Hypertension and Chronic Heart Failure

Instructor: Christina Leonard
Length: 6 hours
Audience: PAs, NPs, RNs and other interested health care providers.