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Mother-Baby Assessment of Critical Elements

Instructor: Kathryn Alden
Length: 3 to 6 Hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs

Medically Fragile Infants: How can you help?

Instructor: Janice K. Wereszczak, Carol Hubbard
Length: 3 hours
Audience: FNPs, PNPs, NNPs, PAs, RNs, Pediatric/Neonatal Transport personnel, Home Health personnel.

Midlife Women Empowerment : Healthy Choices through Transition

Instructor: Regina McCarthy
Length: 6 Hours
Audience: RNs and other healthcare providers who work with women who are approaching mid-life, and women dealing with the challenges of menopause/midlife.

Midlife Women: Health of

Instructor: Regina McCarthy
Length: 1.5 to 2 hours
Audience: RNs, LPNs

Musculoskeletal Injection Techniques

Instructor: Tom Bush
Length: 3 hours
Audience: Primary care clinicians including NPs, PAs and MDs

Menopause and Health Assessment of Midlife Women

Instructor: Regina McCarthy
Length: 1 to 2 hours
Audience: Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Nursing Educators, Physicians, other health care providers who care for women.