Breast Disease: Dealing with Benign Breast Disease: An Overview for Nurses

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Instructor: Susan McKenney

Length: 2 hours

This program is designed to present an overview of the pathophysiology and management of benign breast diseases. It will include normal anatomy and physiology of the breast from development through lactation. I will discuss key components in the workup of a breast problem: clinical breast exam, appropriate diagnostics and understanding the utilization of risk factors for the development of breast cancer. The course will address specific breast lesions that make up fibrocystic disease and their management. It will also include management of infections of the breast. The common manifestation of breast pain will be integrated throughout the presentation where applicable.

    At the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Describe normal breast anatomy and development
  • List those factors that are critical in making a differential diagnosis of benign disease
  • Identify common benign breast conditions and their manifestations.
  • Discuss specific nursing implications that significant when working with individuals who have benign breast disease.

Audience: This course may be tailored to nurses in any area and at any level of nursing practice.