AHEC Speakers & Programs Catalog

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An Introduction: Using our Catalog

The AHEC Speakers & Programs Catalog lists continuing education programs, technical assistance topics and other faculty resources  available to all North Carolina Area Health Education Centers.

The left hand menu provides a series of options including how to request continuing education offerings and/or technical assistance.

To find a CE program

Click on the Search for CE Programs link in the left-hand menu. You can search for courses by faculty name, program title or by category. Click on the program title to view a full program summary, including content description, learning objectives and target audience.

Requesting programs

Click on the link for the Program Request Form located in the sidebar on every catalog page and you will be redirected to the form. Fill in all data fields then click on submit. Your request will be sent directly to the Nursing AHEC office for processing.

To find technical assistance that you need

Click on Technical Assistance Guidelines in the left-hand menu. A listing of available technical assistance topics  appears in alphabetical order listed by faculty member’s name.  A brief description of the TA available is under each faculty member’s name.  Please request this help by emailing or calling the AHEC Nursing Office directly.

If you do not see the  topic  you are interested in, please the AHEC Nursing Office.  Just click on Contact on the sidebar for the AHEC Nursing office contact information or look below. The School of Nursing  works with your  regional AHEC to accommodate special requests. Please explore our catalog for new offerings and contact us suggestions and comments.

Click on Nursing Coordinators on the sidebar of the home page of the catalog to see a listing of coordinators and support staff. You can also access on-line versions of the AHEC CE guidelines, AHEC TA Guidelines, as well as a map of the AHEC regions.

We would like to thank the Information and Instructional Technologies Department at the School of Nursing at UNC-Chapel Hill for ongoing assistance with this catalog.

Annie Taft, BA
AHEC Nursing Programs Coordinator
Telephone: (919) 966-3736
E-mail: ataft@email.unc.edu

Mary Schuler,  RN,EdD, CNE
Statewide AHEC Nursing Liaison
Telephone: 919-843-4976
E-mail: meschule@email.unc.edu