Remarks from the Dean

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Dear Nursing Colleagues,

Your contributions to the shared education outreach mission of the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program and the UNC at Chapel Hill School of Nursing are gifts beyond measure.

Making the resources of the University available to the state of North Carolina is a commitment of the University. Likewise the School of Nursing’s mission reflects that covenant. The University and the School are also committed to life-long learning and, as a reflection of that obligation, support high quality continuing education programs for nurses statewide. These programs help ensure that nurses maintain clinical competence and acquire new knowledge and skills necessary to serve the health care needs of all North Carolinians.

Through its agreement with the North Carolina AHEC Centers Program, the School of Nursing provides faculty who offer continuing education and supply technical assistance in all nine AHEC regions and in as many counties and communities as possible each year. The collaboration between the School and each of the regional AHECs help to meet the educational needs of nurses where they live and work in a way that would be unattainable for either of the partners alone.

Dr. Mary Schuler, AHEC Nursing Liaison, and I thank our AHEC and faculty partners in this endeavor – those who plan and implement the programs, those who encourage nurses to attend these programs, and those who so willingly offer their expertise to provide these valuable educational experiences.


Donna S. Havens, PhD, RN, FAAN
Interim Dean and Professor