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Marianne Cockroft, MNEd, RN
Presentation preparation, Preceptor Training

Marianne C. Cockcroft, MNEd, RN will provide consultation and guidance in developing/designing educational presentations including setting objectives, selecting teaching strategies and marketing the program. In addition, she will offer consultation to nurses and non-nurse professionals about how to best work as preceptors with nursing students with particular attention to role expectations, communication and project development. Ms. Cockcroft is a clinical assistant professor in the Community & Public Health Nursing course At UNC-Chapel Hill. She has designed and taught many health promotion programs in community and congregational settings.

Jean Davison, MSN, RN, FNP-C
Global issues, Migrant health issues

Jean Davison MSN, RN, FNP will provide consultation on community oriented primary care issues, short term medical missions and cultural understanding of the migrant Latino population in North Carolina. Jean is an ambassador to the National Health Service Corp., President to Compassion Med International, Clinical Assistant Professor and coordinator of the UNC-CH Family Nurse Practitioner Program and Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) Option, along with former board member-chair to Health Persons/Healthy Carolinians. She has written, spoken and coordinated courses on Community Oriented Primary Care and Service Learning for Cultural Understanding of Migrant Latino Issues.

Beverly B. Foster, MN, MPH, PhD, RN
Nursing education and Community Service

Beverly Foster has extensive experience as a RN member and chair of a county Board of Health, including the formation, development and initial certification of the affiliated Healthy Carolinian’s organization. She has served as a site visit team member and chair for both NLNAC and CCNE accreditation bodies, and recently completed two terms of service with the NC Board of Nursing. As undergraduate program director, she has developed academic support program for students at-risk, and implemented a HRSA grant focused on enhancing nursing workforce diversity through selected recruitment and retention activities.

Diane Kjervik, JD, RN, FAAN
Legal and ethical issues

Diane Kjervik, JD, RN, FAAN will provide consultation on expectations of nurses who are members or prospective members of ethics committees in hospitals. She is member of the UNC-Hospitals Ethics Committee and has written and spoken extensively on nurses’ legal and ethical roles and responsibilities.

Kathy Moore, MA, RN
Student admissions and services

Kathy Moore will provide consultations around the issues of undergraduate and graduate admission, student services, criminal background checks and student compliance programs with a focus on health, safely and legal elements.

Marilyn H. Oermann, PhD, RN, FAAN
Nursing Education

Dr Oermann will provide Informal workshops, speeches, and consultations in the following areas of nursing education: (1) clinical evaluation and grading, (2) test construction including how to write higher-level test items, (3) assessment and evaluation of student learning, (4) using short written assignments in clinical nursing courses, and (5) writing for publication as nurse educator. Additional, the speaker is available to consult on developing an evidence-base for nursing education.

Sonda Oppewal, RN, PhD
Community partnerships and practice

Sonda Oppewal, RN, PhD will provide consultation on faculty practice issues, nurse managed health centers, school-based health centers, adult day health centers, service learning partnerships and courses, and grant writing for practice and public service grants. Dr. Oppewal serves as Associate Dean for Community Partnerships & Practice at UNC-CH School of Nursing. She served as project director for two school-based health centers, chaired the American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section, and has 17 years of experience in nursing education with a focus on public health and population-focused nursing care.

Marcia Van Riper, PhD, RN

Marcia Van Riper, RN, PhD will provide consultation on how to integrate genetics and genomics into both the undergraduate and graduate curricula. Van Riper has a joint appointment in the UNC School of Nursing and the Carolina Center for Genome Sciences. She has developed and taught two new courses, one covering genomic health care for all undergraduate students and the other exploring the ethical, legal, and social implications of recent advances in genetics. Van Riper has written a number of chapters on genetics for health care professionals; one focused specifically on ethical, legal, and social implications of recent advances in genetics and another that provides an overview of the existing literature on how families make sense of, respond to, and use advances in genomics.