NC AHEC Nurses’ Council & Support Staff (

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Patty Collins, RN, BSN, MAEd
Director, Nursing Continuing Education & ORPCE

Lisa Renfro, BSN, RN
Director, Nursing of Education Services and Special Projects

Program Assistant:
Shebe Harris
Phone: 252-972-6958 | Email:

Health Education Foundation of Eastern North Carolina
PO Drawer 7368
Rocky Mount, NC 27804-0368
Phone: 252/972-6958 | FAX: 252/972-0419


May Cheung, RN, BSN
Assistant Director of Nursing Education
Phone: 704/512-6531 | Email:

Laura Magennis, MSN, RNC-OB, CNS
Nurse Education Specialist
Phone:704.512.6204 | Email:

Kathryn “Katie” Fitzpatrick
Part-time Nursing/Quality Education
Phone:704.512.6579 |Email:

Paulina Crass
Education Specialist
Phone: 704.512.7592 | Email:


Project Coordinators:
Sophia Moore-Dennis
Phone: 704/512-6537

Amanda Rogers
Phone: 704/512-6038

Ashley Yurco
Phone: 704/512-6523

Charlotte AHEC
PO Box 32861
Charlotte, NC 28232-2861
Phone: 704/512-6523 | FAX: 704/512-6560

Duke AHEC Program Liaison

Alicia Gonzalez,MSN, RN, CS
Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Liaison
Duke University Medical Drive
Box 2722
Durham, NC27710
Phone:919/684-2419 (office) | Fax:919/681-8244 | Email:


Paula Josey, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education and ECU SON Clinical Instructor

Laura Bliley, RN, MSN Assistant Director of Nursing Education

Claire Mills, RN, BSN, MPH, FACHE  Assistant Director of Nursing Education

Program Assistants:
Shari Windom
Phone: 252/744-3087 |

Tiffanie Lord
Phone: 252/744-5211 |

Phone: 252/744-5220 |

Eastern Area Health Education Center
PO Box 7224
Greenville, NC 27835-7224
Phone: 252/744-5211 | FAX: 252/744-5969


Christopher Golding, RN, MSN
Phone:336/832-8220 | Email:

Shawn Houck, RN, BSN Nursing/Mental Health Coordinator
Phone: 336/832-3947 | Email:

April Schamberg, RN, BSN
Coordinator, RN Refresher/Clinical Site Grants & MH CE                                                                                                                                                                                                    Phone: 336/832-8297 | Email:

Greensboro Area Health Education Center
1200 N. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401-1020
Phone:336/832-8025 | FAX: 336/832-2851


Frank Castelblanco, DNP, RN
Director, Regional Education
Lead Nurse Planner
Phone: 828/257-4457

Bonnie Garner, MS, CPN, RN
RN Refresher Coordinator/CE Planner
Phone: 828/257-4458

Elaine Alexander, MSN, RNC-OB
Nursing Continuing Education Planner
Phone: 828/257-4414

Elaine Scherer, MA, BSN, RN-BC
Director, Nursing Education
Phone:828/257-4419 |

Misty Garren, RT, BS, MHS
CE Planner
Phone: 828/257-4478 | Email:

Wilma Fuentes
Program Coordinator
Phone: 828/257-4468 |

Mountain Area Health Education Center
121 Hendersonville Road
Phone: 828/257-4400 | FAX: 828/257-4768


Barbara Bainbridge, RN, BC, MSEd
Director of Nursing Education
Phone: 336/713-7713 | Email:

Kay Herr, MSN, RN
Coordinator, Nursing Education
Phone: 336/713-7720 | Email:

Mona Brown Ketner, RN, MSN, C-EFM
Coordinator, Nursing Education, RN Refresher Coordinator
Phone:336/713-7730 | FAX:336/713-7701 | Email:

Program Assistant:
Carmella Griffin
Phone: 336/713-7761 | Fax: 336/713-7701 | Email:

Northwest Area Health Education Center
Wake Forest University
School of Medicine
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1060
Phone: 336/713-7700 | FAX:336/713-7701

Southeast AHEC

Saralyn Gillikin, MSN, RNC,
Director of Nursing & CE
Phone:910/667-9347| Email:

Director of Education
Phone:910/667-9349 | Email:

Project Specialists:
Paula Bracey
Phone: 910-667-9335 | Email:

Coastal AHEC Continuing Education
2511 Delancy Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28403-8070
Phone: 910-343-0161 | Fax: 910-762-9203

Southern Regional

Andrea Novak, PhD, MS, RN, BC, FAEN
Admin. for Nursing and ID Continuing Education
Phone: 910/678-7216 | Email:

Patricia (Patti) Ness, MBA/HCM, BSN, RN
Director of Nursing CE/RN Refresher Coordinator
Phone: 910/678-7246 | Email:

Program Assistant:
Cynthia Griffin
Phone: 910/678-7240 | Email:

Southern Regional Area Health Education Center
1601 Owen Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Phone: 910-323-1152 | FAX: 910/678-0126


Sherika A. HiSmith George, MPH, BSN
Associate Director, Nursing Education
Phone: 919/350-0736 | FAX: 919/350-0470 | Email:

Kathy G. Clark, MS, RN
Associate Director, RN Refresher Program
Phone: 919/350-0481

Program Assistant:
Diana McCullers
Phone:919/350-0462 | Email:

AHEC Division of HealthCare Education
3261 Atlantic Ave., Suite 212
Raleigh, NC 27604-1657
Phone: 919/350-8547 | FAX: 919/350-0498

Statewide AHEC Nursing Liaison

Mary E. Schuler, RN, Ed.D, CNE
Statewide AHEC Nursing Liaison
Phone: 919-843-4976 | FAX: 919-966-6804 | Email:

Support Specialist:
Annie Taft
Phone: 919/966-3736  | Email: 

School of Nursing
CB #7460, Carrington Hall/Rm L601
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460
Phone: 919/843-4976| FAX:919/966-0870

AHEC Program Office Liaison

Karen Stallings, RN, MEd
Associate Director, Program Activities

Office Assistant:
Faye Fogleman
Phone:919/966-0802 or 919/966-2461 |

N.C. AHEC Program/UNC-Chapel Hill
CB #7165, SOM
5th floor/145 Medical Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7165
Phone: 919/966-0807 | FAX: 919/966-5830