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Dear Dr. Foster and Esteemed Faculty,

Thank you for inviting us to spend the day with you. We hope you found the sessions informative and thought provoking. Our goal is to partner with you to provide the utmost quality in nursing education and faculty support.

During our sessions we discussed:

Overview of Navigation and Enhancements:


  • Integration Resources Button (please see the screen shot above to navigate)
    • All product Educator Implementation Guides (EIGs)
    • CMS Assessment Information
      • Topic Descriptors
      • Test Descriptions
  • Electronic Review Modules
    • All ATI books with embedded media (Media Index attached)
    • Application Exercises at the conclusion of each chapter
  • Custom Assessment Builder
    • 2759 addition items that can be for assessment and remediation
    • Call Deketa for individual navigation assistance
  • Introducing your Connect 4 Support team
    • Support Servicers document attached
    • ATI Academy
      • Self-paced webinar training
      • New Faculty Tool Kit
      • Free CE sessions
      • Results
        • Enhanced Reporting System that allows faculty to monitor assessments, tutorials, and remediation
          • Score, date, and usage time spent

Focused meeting with N360, N362 and N364 faculty

  • Dosage Calculations
    • Pilot mode is set up under the 0513 cohort, all faculty can access
    • Dosage Calculation Educator Implementation guide is attached

Presentation on Nurses Touch and related materials on leadership and professionalism.  

  • Nurses Touch
    • Educator Implementation Guide is attached

Individual discussion of RN Predictor and/or Content Mastery test questions. 

  • Marianne will be sending follow up for the Community and Pediatric Content Mastery Series on Friday

Academic Counselors.

  • Develop a plan for continued ATI meetings
    • ATI will present a suggested curriculum alignment at the next meeting
    • Integrating Nurse Logic throughout the program
    • Increased usage of Learning Systems
    • Set benchmarks for use of Gradebook reporting
      • Using reports
      • Develop a plan to roll out periodic Longitudinal reports
      • Assisting the Clinical Instructors in utilizing ATI

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Stacy Lomax, M.Ed– Solutions Consultant, ATI Nursing Education

Deketa Cobb – Faculty Support Specialist,  ATI Nursing Education

Marianne Biangone-Spurgeon, MSN, RN – Director, Faculty Support Services, ATI Nursing Education