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Interprofessional Research Practicum Opportunity

November 12, 2015 | In Research

A project with school of medicine, nursing, and social work students centered around ‘hot spotting.’ this model identifies patients who are high risk for readmission and/or high utilizers of the care system, and puts them with student teams of medical, undergraduate nursing, and social work students to address issues related to patient engagement and education. We are looking for someone to start fairly soon and could work with our team in data collection and project coordination. This is a collaborative project with Drs. Meg Zomorodi (SON); Amy Weil (SOM): and Anne Jones (SoSW). If interested, please respond to me

The project is beginning now and will continue through at least the spring semester with potential for further work.

Assistance Needed—Qualitative Analysis of Cancer Survivor Interviews

October 30, 2015 | In Research

Doctoral students, please see the following request from Wanda K. Nicholson at the School of Medicine:

“As part of our CDTR proposal, we are finishing up the semistructured interviews with breast and endometrial cancer survivors with type 2 diabetes. I am looking for a student who would be interested in working with us on the analysis (and) writing the paper.”

If interested, please email Wanda.