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Szczypinski Receives UNC IT Award

October 21, 2016 | In Awards, Staff

Congratulations are due to Jeff Szczypinski, SON Applications Analyst, who received a campuswide UNC IT award at a ceremony held on Friday, October 14 for his creation of the SON’s new application review system.

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2015-2016 Star Heels Award recipients announced

October 12, 2016 | In Awards, Faculty, Staff

Congratulations to the School of Nursing’s 2015-2016 Star Heel Award recipients: Darlene Baker, Scott Berrier, Grace Chen, Eileen Ferrarie, Mary Schuler, Sue Snyder and Solomon Valentine. We’d also like to recognize the two other School of Nursing nominees, Brandy Elsenrath and LaTressa Lane.

The award recognizes and rewards excellent employees within University divisions and their departments. The recipients received Visa gift cards and a framable certificate in an embossed presentation folder. Their names were also published in the online version of the University Gazette. Congratulations recipients, and many thanks to all our wonderful faculty and staff who work hard each day!

Getting Lean: SON Teams Work to Make the SON Work Better

August 26, 2016 | In Faculty, Staff

You may have seen it up there on Carrington’s fifth floor conference room — a pink sign guarding the door: “DO NOT ENTER. Lean Work Groups at work.”

If, like me, you haven’t encountered “Lean” before, you might reasonably imagine the room is playing host to a much-needed support group for recently carb-deprived colleagues. It isn’t.

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