Cheryl Jones to Consult with UNC Hospitals on Nursing Research

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August 12, 2010 | In Make Your Gift, Students Tags:

We are pleased share the news that Cheryl Jones was selected by UNC Hospitals nursing administrators to provide consultation as it develops its unit-based nursing research program. Cheryl will spend 20% effort during the academic year and during summer months as a Faculty Program Research Consultant. She will help assess the current state of nursing research at UNC-H, and collaborate with the UNC-H Nursing Research Council (NRC) and with the Director of Professional Development, Practice and Research (Marilyn Morales) to identify needed resources including content experts to support UNC-H nursing research. Cheryl will serve as the liaison between the UNC-H nursing research program and the SON to foster collaborative research, strengthen partnership efforts between our organizations, and mentor and guide the UNC-H unit-based research teams in the development of research projects.

Congratulations, Cheryl, for being asked to assume this consultant position to help further nursing research at UNC-H and to strengthen the research opportunities between our organizations!