Clinical Placements

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Clinical site placements are based on a complex interaction between the learning needs within a course as determined by faculty, the ability of clinical agencies to meet our requests, and the preferences of the student. Opportunities for student choice are available through the on-line registration process and additional choices within the clinical group. Students who fail to register on-line will be assigned a placement. EISLE placement will also be determined with this process.

After the on-line registration process has been completed, a small “window of opportunity” will be made available to students by the Undergraduate Program Director to negotiate a “switch” with another agreeable student related to clinical group or EISLE lab group assignments. For a switch to be considered, the Post-Registration Course Switch Form must be completed and submitted by the due date to the Undergraduate Program Director.

Students who have not been able to resolve scheduling concerns through on-line registration selection and the “switch” option may appeal to the Director of the Undergraduate Program by filling out the Clinical Site or EISLE Scheduling Appeal form.

When unanticipated agency, faculty or student situations arise after the registration and switch processes have closed, the course coordinator and program director reserve the right to make changes as needed.