Compliance Program Requirements by Academic Program

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Pre-Licensure BSN MSN/PMSN/
Upon Matriculation:
Assessment of Current Health Status x x *
Varicella Vaccination Series or Titer x x *
TB Test Results (Two-Step) x x x
Hepatitis B Vaccination Series & Serologic Titer x x *
Measles/Mumps/Rubella x x x
Diptheria/Pertusis/Tetanus x x x
TDap (if Tetanus > 2 years old) x x x
Seasonal Influenza vaccination x x x
CPR Certification x x *
Confidentiality Statement x x x
OSHA** x x *
HIPAA** x x x
Health and Accident Insurance x x x
RN License  N/A x *
Professional Liability Insurance  SON policy x *
Student Waiver MSN/PMSN/DNP  N/A x***
Student Waiver PhD  N/A  N/A x

TB Test – Annually x x x
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination x x x
Health Insurance – Annually or at expiration x x x
OSHA – Annually** x x *
HIPAA – Annually** x x x
CPR Certification – Upon expiration x x *
RN License – Upon expiration N/A x *
Professional Liability Insurance – Upon expiration N/A x *
Student Waiver MSN/PMSN/DNP– Required EACH semester as applicable N/A x N/A
Student Waiver PhD – Required EACH semester  N/A  N/A x
*Additional requirements for PhD students engaged in clinical practice or research activities involving human subjects are determined by the algorithm on page 2. Download complete policy

** Instructions for OSHA and HIPAA training and testing are detailed in the policy narrative. Download complete policy

***Required EACH semester if not enrolled in clinical course(s)

Note: All requirement-specific forms may be obtained from the HSR. All documentation supporting student compliance with SON requirements must be submitted to: Office of Student Affairs, Suite 1200 New Addition-Carrington Hall; (919) 966-4260; fax: (919) 966-3540. Contact the Assistant Director for Student Compliance or Assistant Dean, Student Affairs with questions.

Written/Approved: 5/02; Revised 02/03; Revised 04/03; Revised 06/03; Revised 02/04; Revised 04/04; Revised 08/04; Revised 0705; Revised 0206; Revised 10.06; Revised 0307; Revised 06/07; Revised 04/08; Revised 11/08; Revised 12/08; Revised 3/09; Revised 4/09; Revised 08/09; Revised 10/09; Revised 08/10; Revised 03/11; Draft rev 05/11; Revised 0212; Revised 05/13; Revised 03/16