DNP Terminal Objectives

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The educational objectives of the DNP program are guided by “The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice”, approved by the AACN (2006) (see Appendix A). The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) graduate will be prepared to function at the highest level of advanced nursing practice. The DNP graduate will be educated to:

  1. Integrate nursing knowledge with knowledge from ethics and the biophysical, psychosocial, organizational, and information sciences as the bases for advanced nursing practice and innovative approaches to health care delivery.
  2. Demonstrate organizational and systems leadership to promote quality, safety, and improved health of populations.
  3. Demonstrate clinical scholarship and utilize analytical methods to identify best practices and translate evidence into practice.
  4. Demonstrate leadership in the development and use of information systems and related technologies for health care delivery to optimize outcomes for individuals and populations.
  5. Develop, evaluate, and advocate for health care policy at the institutional, local, state, national, and/or international levels.
  6. Facilitate collaboration and teamwork to assure high quality patient or system outcomes.
  7. Analyze and utilize strategies of risk reduction/illness prevention, health promotion, and health maintenance for individuals and populations.
  8. Demonstrate practice expertise and specialized knowledge in a distinct focus or specialty area of advanced nursing practice.