Early Academic Warning Process and Course Withdrawal

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(First 8 weeks of the fall or spring semester or within the first 60 percent of a shorter clinical rotation or summer session, for undergraduate students):

Course Coordinators will notify the Undergraduate Program Director and lead Academic Counselor of students performing at or near the program standard of C- after each major exam or grading point. Students below or near failing in the clinical component of a course should also be reported.

Course Coordinators will encourage students to meet with them as soon as possible to assess performance and develop a plan for improvement. A learning contract will be developed with significant clinical performance concerns that jeopardize passing.

The Academic Counselor will contact the student via email and offer to meet with them to assist in developing an individualized learning plan. This is done in cooperation with the Course Coordinator and/or Clinical Instructor as appropriate. Referrals are made to University resources when necessary.

Students may elect to withdraw from a course during this time if they feel they are in jeopardy of failing. Withdrawal from a course will result in Progression Review and an Alternate Study Plan.