Faculty Responsiveness

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Responsiveness to SON Students related to written work

Faculty and students need to have a “working timetable” for the return of written work, whether the work is submitted for a regularly scheduled course, independent work of the student, and/or professional dissemination. The expectation is that faculty will return students written work within 10 business days of submission, unless otherwise negotiated or specified. The turnaround time depends, of course, on the volume of work to be reviewed and the nearness of deadlines (e.g., revisions of journal manuscript galleys may require a 24 hour turn-around). Faculty should publish their planned turnaround time in course syllabi and discuss the same with students enrolled in independent studies or research project/thesis/dissertation courses.

Email and voice mail

Despite the instantaneous nature of email and the ability of voice mail messages to be left for faculty almost around the clock, immediate response to such messages is not expected or even feasible. Nonetheless, in most circumstances most email and voice mail messages should be able to be responded to within 2 business days. When additional work is needed to fully respond to an email or voice mail message, a preliminary reply should occur during which it should be noted when a more complete response will occur.

Faculty availability between semesters and non-contract times

The majority of the faculty have contracts that run mid-August to mid-May. Students should not expect that independent work (e.g., any work related to projects, theses, papers, dissertations, comprehensive exams or incomplete course work) will proceed with faculty input during the times that faculty are unpaid, unless otherwise negotiated with the involved faculty. In addition, faculty will generally not be available for the above when academic semesters are not in session.

Approved by the SON faculty at October and November 2009 Faculty Meetings.