Graduate Programs Grading

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Faculty members have the responsibility for grading in accordance with UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate grading policy. The method used for determining all course grades will be at the discretion of the individual faculty.

A uniform grading scale is used across the graduate courses in the School of Nursing. If faculty are using a number range to assign course grades, the uniform numerical grading scale may be found below:

H     High Pass              94-100
P     Pass                       80-93
L     Low Pass               70-79
F     Fail                         <70

For a detailed description of graduate grading, see the University Graduate Handbook, Grading:

IN (Incomplete) Grade

Please refer to the Graduate School policy regarding a temporary grade of IN (incomplete):

In order to receive a grade of IN, the student must negotiate a timeline with the course instructor specifying the:

  • Date the remaining coursework will be completed (as in the case of clinical hours), and
  • Method the student will use to complete the course requirements (as in the case of didactic material).

It is the sole responsibility of the student to complete the course and initiate the grade change prior to the one year deadline.

The faculty giving the IN is responsible for notifying the respective program director and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

The instructor may set the period of time for removing the IN or AB grade in a non-prerequisite course for progressing in the clinical management courses; the time of the extension may not exceed one year. If the time allowed is less than one year, this information should be transmitted in writing to the student and copied to the Graduate School:

In the MSN and DNP programs:

An IN grade in any sequential nursing course in any semester must be removed by the end of the second week of the next semester in order for the student to continue enrollment in the next nursing course in the sequence according to prerequisites as stated in the University Record.

Updated June 2016