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Biobehavioral Laboratory
Dr. Eric Hodges, Director
10 Carrington Hall

The Biobehavioral Laboratory (BBL) was initiated in 1989 as part of the Research Support Center (RSC) and the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing. The term biobehavioral refers to the interface of biological and psychosocial factors that underlie individual responses to acute and chronic illness. Since inception, the BBL has expanded its mission to enhance knowledge and skills in biobehavioral science, physiological measurement and instrumentation. What distinguishes the BBL from other clinical laboratories is its emphasis on non-invasive monitoring and use of portable instrumentation. The laboratory houses a number instruments for the monitoring of physiologic parameters, such as electrical brain activity, physical activity, cardiac output, oxygenation, body composition and heart rate responses. The BBL includes a biological laboratory; sleep laboratory, a behavioral observation room and an instrumentation development and training facility. It houses, maintains and supports the use of equipment for measuring biochemical markers and physiological function, for data acquisition and analysis, and advanced computer software support. A recently completed addition to the biological laboratory, the genomic laboratory, adds the latest technology for tissue-cell culture and special equipment for cell-gene research. The BBL scientists and technical advisors are available to work in consultation in the areas of biological analysis, physiological measurement, and data analysis. Visit the BBL Web site for more information and a list of instruments and measurement techniques or request a consult.

Graduate School
200 Bynum Hall

The Graduate School is committed to improving and facilitating the integration of graduate and professional student’s academic, professional and personal development, as well as to assist students to make the most of their Carolina experience. Staff members are available as a source of information and referral for questions involving student services, academic procedures, policies and grievances. The PDF version of graduate schools forms can be found on the Graduate School Web site.

Office of Research Support and Consultation
Dr. Ruth Anderson, Associate Dean
Gregory Workman, Director

2000 Carrington Hall

The Office of Research Support and Consultation facilitates faculty research by providing assistance in research design, measurement, data analysis and grant proposal writing. Statistical and programming consultation (with a teaching assistant) and assistance with research grant submissions, such as NSRAs, are available to graduate students in the RSC.