Guidelines for Master’s Paper/Thesis

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All Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) students are required to complete a scholarly activity that demonstrates the student’s advanced level of knowledge and professional competence. Students may meet this requirement by completing either a master’s paper requirement or a thesis.

There are two main types of scholarly activities that lead to fulfillment of the NURS992 requirement: (a) a scholarly paper, or (b) a research practicum with a final written report. All scholarly activities share five important characteristics:

  • Demonstration of scholarship, including mastery of a focused area of knowledge related to the student’s advanced practice area.
  • Completion of NURS778 and/or NURS779.
  • Completion of a minimum of 3 credits for NURS992 (Master’s Paper) or NURS993 (Thesis).
  • Supervision by a committee who guides the scholarly activity.
  • Completion of a final written product.

Students may begin working on their scholarly endeavor concurrently with their enrollment in NURS778. Students must have a committee chair before beginning their scholarly experience. Further, the advisory committee must be formed and a written proposal for the scholarly activity must be approved by the committee before it is conducted.

As a reminder, no matter which option is selected, several drafts of the proposal and final report may be necessary to achieve clarity and brevity and to be consistent with a style of composition appropriate for scientific or technical reports. This should be factored into the overall timeline for the scholarly activity.

Updated: June 2017