Leave of Absence for Graduate Students

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Within the five (master’s) – or eight-year (PhD and DNP) limit, a graduate student in good academic standing may request a leave of absence (LOA) from graduate study for a definite, stated period of time (up to one year) during which the student does not plan to make academic progress. To be eligible for a leave of absence, a student must not have received an extension of time limit for the degree, and must not have temporary grades IN or AB on coursework taken.

In advance of the leave period, the graduate student shall complete and submit to the Graduate School a Request for Leave of Absence form. This form requires approval by the advisor and program director. If the Graduate School approves the leave of absence, the time of that leave shall not count against the total time allowed for the degree. The student must formally apply for readmission to the Graduate School after an approved leave of absence. This is generally a formality. Ordinarily, a leave of absence may not be renewed. Required forms may be found at the Graduate School Form Finder Web site: http://gradschool.unc.edu/forms.