Office of Student Affairs

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Office of Student Affairs
Katherine Moore, Assistant Dean
Suite 1200 Carrington Hall

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) in the School of Nursing provides students with a variety of curricular and co-curricular services and resources. For enrolled students, services include: course registration information, health, safety and legal compliance, graduation and ceremonial events planning, career and personal development workshops, liaison with campus organizations and services, student organization advising, new student orientation, and dissemination of University policy and procedure information. In addition, OSA manages all student recruitment activities, provides guidance specific to admission criteria and procedures, and processes applications for admission to all academic programs within the school. Staff in the office are available to answer questions and assist students from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Communications with Students.

  • Bulletin Boards – Important announcements are placed on bulletin boards throughout the School of Nursing. It is the student’s responsibility to check the bulletin boards routinely.
    There are multiple Undergraduate bulletin boards, as well as boards for student organizations located throughout the ground floor. Graduate student, Office of Student Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs bulletin boards are located on the third floor of Carrington.
  • Electronic Mail– Electronic mail (e-mail) is an essential component of communication among School of Nursing faculty, administration and students, therefore all students are required to have and actively use a UNC e-mail account. Each student will be subscribed to a listserv appropriate to their program of study and important announcements will be made through the listserv.

    All School of Nursing students are issued an ONYEN (campus electronic ID) at the start of their program of study, as the ONYEN is required for Sakai access and access to other campus systems. Associated with a student’s ONYEN is also an e-mail account on the UNC mail server, and a student’s UNC e-mail address is of the form The UNC (ONYEN) address will be used for subscription to the appropriate student listserv. 

    Student e-mail addresses are published on the online campus directory. To request that their e-mail address does not appear in the online directory, a student may go to Student Services Center and modify their privacy flags. 

    Undergraduate students may read e-mail in the Undergraduate PC Lab (Room 205); graduate students may read e-mail in the Graduate PC Lab (Room 450) or in their doctoral carrel if they have been assigned to one. Students may also read mail at PCs located in campus libraries or in the ATN PC labs located around campus. Off campus, students may access their UNC mail account from any PC with an Internet connection eith by using the WEBMAIL service.

    Various ONYEN management functions are provided on the ONYEN Home Page, including managing your ONYEN password, establishing an e-mail alias, linking to WEBMAIL, and others.

    Further information about accessing the UNC Mail System remotely can be found on the campus IT website.

  • Mailboxes– Undergraduate student mailboxes are located on the ground floor outside Room 9. Graduate student mailboxes are located in the third-floor hall of Carrington.  Students are responsible for checking their mailboxes at least weekly. Questions regarding mailboxes should be directed to Office of Student Affairs.


Building Access. For safety, all building doors are locked after regular business hours, on weekends, and on University holidays. Students, faculty and staff who are in the building after hours or on weekends are responsible for making sure doors are properly locked and not propped open. Beginning Fall semester 2005, all faculty, staff and students may access the building after hours using their UNC One Card.

Lockers. Lockers are available for undergraduate nursing students on the ground and second floors and graduate students on the second and third floors. Lockers are assigned by the Office of Student Affairs at the beginning of each academic term. Students must provide their own combination locks. The School of Nursing occasionally is the target of purse-snatchers; all valuables should be locked in student lockers.

Study Carrels and Keys. A limited number of study carrels for doctoral and post-doctoral student use available. The purpose of the carrels is to provide quiet study space for students who will make optimal use of them. Since carrel space is limited, assignments are made at the beginning of each academic term by the Doctoral Program office with priorities established by the Doctoral Program Director in consultation with students and staff. Only doctoral students qualify for study carrels, with exceptions for Graduate Student Recruiters and Teaching Assistants. Research Assistants may be assigned a space through the Research Support Center. Students will be required to share the carrel with at least one other student. Once a year, doctoral students will be asked to complete an application for space. Students are encouraged to organize “carrel pools.”

Keys to assigned study carrels (for doctoral students) may be ordered through the Facility Coordinator using a Key Authorization Form. Key orders normally take two weeks to process. A $25 deposit is required per key when the key(s) is received. The deposit is refunded when the key(s) is returned. Keys to the building may not be reproduced.