Graduate Student Readmission

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Graduate students who have not maintained continuous registration (e.g., authorized or unauthorized leave of absence) during each academic year are considered a withdrawn student; they must re-apply and be readmitted to the University. Applications for readmission are available from the Graduate School and must be completed prior to the term in which the student plans to re-enroll (see University Graduate School Handbook.)

The Graduate School deadlines for applying for readmission are July 1 for fall, Dec. 1 for spring, April 1 for the first summer session and June 1 for the second summer session. The School of Nursing deadlines are one month prior to the above dates to allow time for processing and getting the paperwork to the Graduate School.

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Academic Affairs for further information regarding the readmissions process, including internal School of Nursing deadlines for submission of applications.

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