School of Nursing’s Role

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It is the responsibility of the School to maintain an accurate record of all student documentation related to the Compliance Program. Data are maintained electronically as well as in hard copy form in the student’ compliance file. The hard-copy file is returned to the student at the completion of his/her academic program.

It is further the responsibility of the School, as delegated to OASS, to notify students of upcoming requirement expirations. This is accomplished via use of a secure, PID-authenticated database that is web-accessible. The Health and Safety Requirements Database (HSR) is designed to enable students to easily identify the site-specific compliance requirements for the School of Nursing as well as all clinical agencies who mandate the completion of additional elements. Additionally the HSR makes available any agency specific forms, documents, tutorials, etc necessary for fulfilling compliance requirements for a given agency. Finally and most importantly, the HSR contains all student specific data enabling students to check their compliance status for all required elements relative to the School’s requirements or those of an assigned clinical agency. In totality, this system replaces reminder memos and any need for the School to notify students of impending deadlines, expirations, etc.

Lastly, the School of Nursing is responsible for ensuring that all documentation of student data related to School or University requirements are on file with Campus Health Services.

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