Second Major or Minor Approval While Enrolled in the School of Nursing: Undergraduate

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The following process will be followed for students seeking approval for a second major or minor:

  • Student self-identifies and is referred to the Undergraduate Program Director (UGPD).
  • UGPD meets with the student to discuss details of the request.
  • UGPD analyzes the request with assistance from the School Registrar to determine:
    • student’s current academic standing in nursing (on SON probation?);
    • number of remaining courses to achieve the second major/minor (student generally provides this information);
    • feasibility of taking the required course(s) without compromising the nursing major, including the requirements to attend all nursing classes and clinical; and
    • student’s ability to meet the requirements of the second major or minor within the first eight semesters and without extending the nursing program of study.
  • UGPD approves/disapproves the request and notifies the School Registrar.
  • School Registrar notifies the student and sends a letter to the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences indicating approval of second major and/or minor.

Approved by Baccalaureate Executive Committee, November 19, 2012