Special Registration Regulations

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Adding Courses

Courses may be added only during the official add period.

Dropping Courses

Forms to drop a course are available in the Office of Admissions and Student Services for use after the telephonic system closes (See the Registrar’s Calendar page for deadlines). Students must maintain at least one course during the fall and spring semesters in order to maintain enrollment.

Registration For Three Hours Of Master’s Paper/Thesis/Dissertation

Students are required (see University Graduate Handbook) to be registered whenever University resources (including faculty time) are being consumed to appropriately reflect work being done. In addition, the following specific registration requirements apply.

Master’s students must be registered for three hours of master’s paper or thesis during the semester that they defend their research activity.  Graduate students may register for three or more credits; however, additional credits will not be added to the minimum needed for graduation beyond the three to six hours (master’s paper, three credits; thesis, three to six credits) appropriate for a MSN student or six hours required for a Ph.D. student.

Teaching and Research Assistant Recipients

Each student holding a service or non-service appointment must be registered to hold that position during the fall and spring semesters.

Withdrawal from the University

(See University Graduate Handbook section on Withdrawal)

Students wishing to withdraw from the University must meet with their advisor and the appropriate program director. Upon notification from the Office of Academic Affairs, the registrar in the Office Student Affairs will give a withdrawal form to the student for processing with appropriate University offices. Questions about the process for changing student status should be directed to the appropriate program director or the School of Nursing Registrar in Carrington Hall, Suite 1200.