Student Organizations and Activities – General

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Alumni Association

The School of Nursing has approximately 6500 alumni of its undergraduate, graduate and related programs. The Alumni Association holds an annual meeting in the fall, presents merit scholarships each year to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Nursing, and sponsors other activities to promote relationships among alumni, faculty and students. The Alumni Association and the School jointly publish Carolina Nursing magazine. The Alumni Association sponsors the Alumni Weekend each fall. Nursing alumni are invited to return to Chapel Hill for reunion activities.

Association of Nursing Students (ANS)

ANS is the student nurse’s professional organization as the American Nurses’ Association is the graduate’s professional organization. ANS operates on a local, regional, state and national level. On the local and region level, programs are provided during the year on various subjects of interest to the student nurse. There are opportunities to participate in community health projects that provide a service to the community, as well as a chance for nursing students to utilize and gain knowledge and skills. In addition, ANS encourages student nurses to become involved in legislative activities concerning health care, nursing education and nursing practice. On the state and national levels, annual conventions are held to promote the development of the student nurse as a health professional. Programs are provided that represent fundamental and current professional interests and concerns.

Commencement Ceremonies

The School of Nursing holds graduation ceremonies in May for baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degree nursing students who have completed their academic programs. These students also may participate in the University’s general commencement activities. Only those students having completed all requirements for graduation are permitted to participate in the School of Nursing commencement ceremony. Consult the Student Participation in Commencement Ceremonies policy for additional information.

Course Management Teams

Course management teams, used by some Course Coordinators, are dedicated to providing early and ongoing evaluation of course goals and learning needs and to facilitating communication between faculty and students. Each team consists of a group of student volunteers paired with a faculty member in a course. Goals of the course management team include: enhancing learning; fostering an environment in which students can work effectively together; facilitating the ability of all students to talk with faculty about ideas, problems and learning needs related to their course; improving student leadership skills; and establishing a permanent forum for dialogue between students and faculty. Students who have questions or would like more information about course management teams should contact Dr. Beverly Foster, Director of Undergraduate Programs or the student board.

Dean’s Student Advisory Council

Representative students from all academic programs meet once each semester with the Administration of the School of Nursing and undertake an active exchange of ideas and information. Each meeting addresses specific agenda items developed by students and administrators relevant to any aspect of student life and learning at the University. The goal is to promote continual improvement in academic programs and the learning environment in the School of Nursing.

Graduate Student Organization

Student representatives meet monthly with the MSN/PMSN Program Director to address needs of Master’s and Post-Master’s students. Particular attention is given to assisting with new student transition to graduate study and career planning.

Sigma Theta Tau International

The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Inc., the International Honor Society in Nursing, was chartered at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Oct. 5, 1962. The Society recognizes scholarship, leadership, creativity and excellence in the nursing profession. Invitations to membership are extended to selected students in the Undergraduate and Graduate programs, faculty members and nurses in th ecommunity with a baccalaureate or higher degree based on academic performance and service to the profession. The Society conducts educational programs, sponsors research activities and awards exemplars of the mission in keeping with its purposes.

Student Health Action Coalition

Nursing students join students from other health affairs schools to serve on the Student Health Action Coalition, an entity devoted to the improvement of healthcare and health education in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Faculty and students from the schools of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health, Physical Therapy, and Social Work volunteer at a community clinic that delivers efficient effective and care, emphasizing prevention, education and referral to the underserved community free-of-charge. The clinic is open one evening per week and provides students a chance to practice skills, learn in an interdisciplinary environment and gain personal satisfaction by helping the community.

Additionally, students operate Mobile SHAC, a program that provides home care and support for home-bound, under-served citizens. And they are involved in Health for Habitat in which students work with others in the community to constuct a Habitat house and SHAC Outreach which strives to offer health promotion programs in partnership with community agencies.
For more information about SHAC, see Nursing student volunteers must register for NURS 600 to particpate in SHAC.

Undergraduate Student Governance Council

The Undergraduate Student Governance Council (USGC) is a student-lead organization focused on enhancing the undergraduate experience within the School of Nursing by acting as an advocacy group and communication liaison with SON leadership. USGC places an emphasis on highlighting and sharing best practices throughout the SON. The Council is also driven to improve our learning environments by proactively collaborating with SON administration to identify, facilitate, and implement solutions to various areas of concern including: curriculum, facilities, events, professional development, and overall student support. The Council consists of a Board of student-elected peers working together with student representatives from each cohort. Membership on the Council is voluntary and meetings are held approximately every two weeks. Members of the Council have the opportunity to create positive change for their peers while gaining valuable leadership and project management experience.Visit the Undergraduate Student Governance Council website for more information.