Student Safety

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The School of Nursing seeks to provide a safe environment for students whether on the campus, within the school or in assigned clinical practice settings. At the campus level, the Department of Public Safety publishes a variety of campus and community security measures in “Personal Safety Tips at UNC” ( Students are encouraged to download the Rave Guardian Safety App ( to enhance personal safety both on and off campus. School of Nursing and classroom safety is outlined in “Disruptive Conduct and Workplace Violence Prevention” ( and in the document describing SON Emergency procedures ( Agency specific safety guidelines, including parking and safe transit to and from the physical facility or client’s home, are reviewed with students prior to entering the clinical setting for students at all program levels. A required web-based orientation for clinical placement at the undergraduate level outlines safety precautions within any acute care clinical setting in “Student and Faculty Core Orientation.”

Approved by the Academic Affairs Council, September 22, 2014