Undergraduate Early Registration Policy

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Undergraduate Early Registration Policy


To provide a mechanism for students with exceptional circumstances necessitating additional consideration for clinical placement prior to open registration.


Circumstances for consideration are student hardships related to:

  • Family obligations, such as child care, parental care, other, as documented by explanatory statement,
  • Financial constraints, as documented by financial aid data and student statement describing the exceptional situation,
  • Health considerations, as documented by statement  from Accessibility  Services (Disability Services), Counseling-Wellness Service, Campus Health Service,
  • Pre-approval for early registration as authorized by the University’s Registrar and Priority Registration Approval Committee, as documented by University
  • Other, as documented by explanatory statement from student plus supportive


  • Student shall prepare a statement of no more than one page in length stating their request for special consideration and Supportive evidence should be included with each request.
  • Requests shall be submitted to Beverly Foster, Undergraduate Program Director, via email no later than 2 weeks prior to the School of Nursing’s posted registration dates for a given semester.
  • Each request will be carefully reviewed and decisions rendered by Foster and Kathy Moore, Asst. Dean Student Affairs.
  • Notification of the request outcome will be submitted to the student via email at least one week prior to posted day of School of Nursing’s registration.


Students whose requests are not approved through this process may follow the standard peer-switch and director-appeal options available post-registration as noted in the Clinical Placements Policy.

Drafted: 0913