Student Resources

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School of Nursing Departments

Learning Resources

  • The Biobehavioral Laboratory
  • The Clinical Education Resource Center
  • Computer Labs
  • Clinical Education & Resource Center Skills Tracking Tool

Research Sites on the Web

Web Browser Plug-ins

Links to the websites where you can find web browser plug-ins and other Internet applications that are used in classes at the school.

Acrobat Reader – Reads PDF format documents.

RealAudio – The free player for RealAudio files.

Power Point Viewer – Allows you to view files with the ‘ppt’ extension even if you do not have Power Point installed on your computer.

Microsoft Word Viewer – A viewer for those who do not have Microsoft Word (or Office) installed. Allows you to view files with the ‘doc’ extension.

Windows Media Player – Another player for certain kinds of streaming audio and video files.

Shockwave Flash – The Shockwave plugin will allow your browser to play specially created multimedia files that often have interactive features. This page has a chart with the different versions for different operating systems. Generally, you will only need the Flash player for your classes at the School of Nursing. The Shockwave+Flash player is a larger file that allows you to view a wider variety of web content.