Office of Academic Affairs

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The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) coordinates the major activities that contribute to the School of Nursing’s educational mission. We serve as a resource for faculty and students in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Major responsibilities in OAA include:

  • Academic advisement and student progression issues
  • Clinical site development and management of clinical contracts
  • Coordination of accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Coordination of course schedules and maps
  • Coordination of faculty workload policies
  • Depository for plans of student, comprehensive exams, thesis/dissertation approvals
  • Development and coordination of academic policies and procedures
  • Liaison with the Graduate School
  • Maintenance of graduate faculty appointments
  • Program evaluation oversight, including course and teaching evaluations
  • Strategic planning for academic programs
  • Undergraduate Honors Program
  • Visiting International Scholars Program

The Office is located in 1000 Carrington. Staff is available to assist students and faculty between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The general phone number is 919.966.3734.


Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Phone: (919) 966-3734

Debra Barksdale, PhD, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, CNE, FAANP, FAAN, Professor & Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Phone: (919) 843-2479

Jennifer Piersma D’Auria, PhD, RN, CPNP, Associate Professor & Director, Master’s Programs

Phone: (919) 966-3586

Beverly Foster, PhD, RN, Clinical Associate Professor & Director, Undergraduate Program

Phone: (919) 966-4995

LaTressa Lane Higgins, Data Coordinator for Clinical Sites and Contracts

Phone: (919) 966-3735

Renee Hill, MA, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Clinical Site Coordinator

Phone: (919) 843-8574

Janet Hughes, Administrative Support Specialist

Phone: (919) 966-7511

Ann Jessup, PhD, RN, CFNP Clinical Assistant Professor & Graduate Clinical Site Coordinator

Phone: (919) 966-0978

Lica Strasner, Administrative Support Specialist

Phone: (919) 966-3733

Suzanne Thoyre, PhD, RN, Associate Professor & Director, PhD and Post-Doctoral Programs

Phone: (919) 966-8418

Tiffani Cain, Business Services Coordinator

Phone: 919-843-5937

Alecia Matthews, Graduate Program Specialist

Phone: (919) 966-5690