About the Webmaster

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The School of Nursing Webmaster is ultimately responsible for all public-facing electronic content generated by the School and shared via Web or display kiosk. in addition, the Webmaster is the school’s liaison and resource for Qualtrics and special projects related to electronic content and incorporating games into teaching and learning. The current Webmaster is Jason Morningstar, who has held the position since 2007.


The School of Nursing Website is built on a WordPress platform as part of the UNC federated model. The Webmaster is ready to support faculty and staff with Web development needs, including new pages, revisions to current pages, or restructuring of Web content. Anyone interested in editing their portions of the site are encouraged to contact the Webmaster, who can assist or provide training and access.


Four touchscreen kiosks are maintained by IIT. These are located in the Fox lobby and outside rooms 1100, 104 and 013. Each kiosk is updated monthly and displays wayfinding and informational content for visitors. Anyone interested in adding material to the kiosk’s informational rota should see this page for more information.


The Webmaster is a resource and point of contact for the Qualtrics suite of survey tools and serves as the designated UNC Qualtrics administrator of the School of Nursing.

Special Projects

Projects and grants with a heavy or unique electronic content component are welcome to consult with the Webmaster, who may be able to render support or advice. Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Web development
  • Games for teaching and learning
  • Usability
  • Accessibility