About User Services & Networking

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Responsibilities of User Support & Networking include:

  • Backup services
  • Network printer management
  • Hardware and software installation

Nursing Website Support information

  • Keeping your Mailbox in Check [Exchange]

See these sites for recommendations on how to keep your mailbox within the 2GB limit imposed by the Exchange server and learn how to back up your email:

Keeping Your Mailbox in Check [Exchange]

Downloading & Backing Up Your E-Mail [Exchange]

  • Remote Access (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an encrypted connection from off campus to the UNC-Chapel Hill internal network and allows you to access campus applications just as if you were physically on campus.  Access to some campus applications from off campus require the use of VPN (i.e. ConnectCarolina, Virtual Computing Lab, & Remote Desktop).

Connect to UNCCampus VPN – Access Campus Applications

Connect to Nursing VPN – Access your SON desktop and network resources

  1. Submit request to access Nursing VPN to sonhelp@unc.edu .
  2. Connect to Nursing VPN – Access Campus Applications , use this connection information:
Connection Settings
  • Server Name:  vpn.unc.edu
  • Group: Nursing
  • Username: your ONYEN
  • Password: your ONYEN password
  • Second Username: Nursing (case sensitive)
  • Second Password: Call 919-966-3388 or                Visit 516 Carrington Hall
  • Campus Wi-Fi (Eduroam)

UNC-CH has adopted eduroam, which is used by many educational institutions as a secure way to offer Wi-Fi to campus visitors.  Once you’ve completed the configuration, you can use eduroam on any campus which offers it:


  • Shared Outlook accounts

A shared mailbox is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send email messages. Shared mailboxes can also be used to provide a common calendar.

  1. Submit request for shared email account to sonhelp@unc.edu , include with request:
    • Preferred email address, example: “songrant@unc.edu”
    • Name and ONYEN of users that will share account
  2. Configure shared email accounts [Exchange]
  • Lynda.com Training

Lynda.com is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that has more than 2,400 software, career development, and technology training titles that you can access from anywhere using an internet browser and your ONYEN login.

Locate your Microsoft Office version

Getting started with Lynda.com

  • Handling SPAM e-mail messages

The university’s filtering system allows us to report both Phishing and SPAM emails.  See these sites for assistance with forwarding suspected Phishing and SPAM emails:

Forward suspect Phishing & SPAM Email Messages for Evaluation

Opt-in to the UNC Spam Filtering Service

UNC-CH Spam Filtering Service FAQ

  • Listservs

Lyris is the name of the List Server software that UNC uses for its listserv service. A listserv is an email-based mailing list that uses one address to distribute mail to all members of a specified group. A list enables members to communicate with or reply to the whole group without typing a lengthy list of email addresses and without maintaining a large address book.

Listserv Web Interface FAQs

Listserv Administrators FAQs

Listserv Subscribers FAQs