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Top Priorities for the School of Nursing


Faculty Support

The overall nursing faculty shortage and, specifically, the shortage of nurse scientists, challenges us.

The national pool of faculty scholars is insufficient to match demand. Our faculty members are heavily recruited and candidates for our positions often accept another offer with a more attractive compensation package.

More than 20% of our full-time faculty will retire in the next five to seven years. As senior faculty members retire, we face gaps in faculty expertise.

Donor-endowed Distinguished Professorships as well as funds to support scholarly leaves for faculty, research endeavors, innovative teaching, international exchanges, and recognition for excellence, are urgently needed.

Student Support

Scholarships offer students an opportunity to pursue a nursing education when financial and other obstacles may otherwise prevent them from attaining their dream. Financial support recognizes talent and a student’s will to achieve.

For doctoral candidates and master’s degree students, a financial award could determine whether they are able to pursue the degree. Most will have families and will need to put careers on hold for two to seven years.

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