Student Support

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In addition to the competition for elite faculty members, the School also competes with other schools of nursing for the best students. Often, the most critical factor in attracting excellent students is the financial assistance we can offer them. Undergraduate, master’s students and doctoral candidates who have financial need and are academically talented benefit from donor support. Below are opportunities to support students:




Endowed Fellowship


$5,000 annual award

Endowed Scholarship


$2,500 annual award

Expendable Scholarship


$5,000 per year for 5 years

Thank you to the donors who have created the endowments that award scholarship support to School of Nursing students. Their generosity is a living gift that provides educational support for future nursing students in perpetuity.

Student Support: A Commitment to Educational Opportunity

Through private giving, The School of Nursing is the beneficiary of alumni and friends who, through their generosity and commitment to nursing education and scholarship, have created funds for student support. To inquire about this support and other forms of financial aid, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services or call (919) 966-4260.