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School of Nursing Faculty Mentoring Program

The focus of the Faculty Mentoring program is on teaching. This program is offered to all faculty in the School of Nursing who are new to the school or to teaching. New faculty are asked during orientation if they are interested in being paired with a mentor; however, any faculty member can request a mentor to support her/him in a new role.

The division chairs are responsible for the general mentoring of faculty, such as establishing career goals and directing faculty to appropriate assistance. The faculty mentor is responsible for specific mentoring in teaching, especially in a particular specialty area. The Faculty Mentoring Task Force meets regularly with the Division chairs and mentor/mentee pairs to ensure that the process is working effectively.

  1. Volunteer mentors and mentees complete the Mentor and Mentee Interests and Strengths Inventory to match mentor-mentee pairs with assistance from their division chair.
  2. The mentor and mentee create a regular agreed upon schedule to meet. A minimum of three meetings is recommended: the first meeting to establish goals, and at least two more throughout the first semester. The Mentoring Partnership Agreement is used to clarify the mentor’s and mentee’s expectations.
  3. A follow up procedure is built into the process at 3, 6, and 12 months. The Faculty Mentoring Task Force is responsible for monitoring the mentoring process, not the division chair. A “no fault opt-out” policy allows a change in the mentor/mentee match if needed. The Task Force uses the Faculty Mentoring Program Evaluation Form to assess the mentoring process.
  4. In order for the chairs to include mentoring in the evaluation of the mentor and the mentee, the mentor and mentee will submit a description of what they did. The Faculty Mentoring Task force will submit their observations if requested. Workload consideration for the mentor will be given the semester after the mentoring has occurred.


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