Anita Tesh, Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Adult and Geriatric Health

Phone: 919-966-8233
Email: astesh@email.unc.edu

Esther Thatcher, Post-Doc Trainee

Phone: 919-843-3450

Suzanne Thoyre, Francis Hill Fox Distinguished Term Professor

Phone: (919) 966-8418
Email: thoyre@email.unc.edu

Mark Toles, Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 966-5684
Email: mtoles@email.unc.edu

Mary C. Tonges, Professor & Associate Dean for UNC Healthcare

Phone: (919) 966-2095
Email: mtonges@unch.unc.edu

Debbie Travers, Associate Professor

Phone: 919-966-4980
Email: dtravers@email.unc.edu

Elizabeth Trianni, Clinical Instructor

Email: ltrianni@ email.unc.edu

Virginia Tysinger, Instructor