Beth Black, Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Health Care Environments

Phone: (919) 966-3613
Email: beth_black@unc.edu

Jada Brooks, Assistant Professor

Phone: 919-966-9511
Email: jada@email.unc.edu

Ashley Leak Bryant, Assistant Professor

Phone: 919-966-5329
Email: ashley_bryant@unc.edu

Tom Bush, Associate Professor

Phone: (919) 843-8589
Email: tom_bush@med.unc.edu

Margaret Gorely Bye, Retired Faculty

Email: mbye@mindspring.com

Diane Caruso, Assistant Professor

Phone: 919-966-7207

Marianne Cockroft, Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 966-5321
Email: cockroft@email.unc.edu

Jamie Crandell, Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 966-4290
Email: jcrandell@unc.edu

Donna Helen Crisp, Retired Faculty

Email: dhcrisp@email.unc.edu

Linda Cronenwett, Dean Emeritus and Professor

Phone: (919) 966-6840
Email: lincron@email.unc.edu