Lynne D. Farber, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Laurice Ferris, Retired Faculty

Email: lferris@nc.rr.com

Cathie Fogel, Professor

Phone: (919) 966-3590
Email: cfogel@email.unc.edu

Shannon Ford, Instructor

Beverly Foster, Associate Professor & Director

Phone: (919) 966-4995
Email: bbfoster@email.unc.edu

Sandy Funk, Retired Faculty

Email: sfunk@email.unc.edu

Barbara Germino, Professor

Phone: (919) 966-9209
Email: germino@email.unc.edu

Patricia Gingrich, Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 843-8588
Email: gingrich@email.unc.edu

Cheryl Giscombe, Melissa and Harry LeVine Family Professor of Quality of Life, Health Promotion and Wellness

Phone: (919) 843-9491
Email: cherylw@email.unc.edu

Elizabeth Stone Griffin, Instructor

Phone: 919-966-5366