Mary H. Palmer, Umphlet Distinguished Professor in Aging

Phone: (919) 966-7204
Email: mhpalmer@email.unc.edu

Susan Pelliccio, Clinical Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 966-9510
Email: spellicc@email.unc.edu

Mary Lynn Piven, Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: (919) 843-8585
Email: piven@email.unc.edu

Megan Randall, Clinical Instructor

Email: meganr@email.unc.edu

Theresa Raphael-Grimm, Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: (919) 966-3649
Email: raphaelg@email.unc.edu

Elizabeth Rochin, Clinical Instructor

Email: erochin@email.unc.edu

Shielda G. Rodgers, Clinical Associate Professor

Phone: (919) 843-2478
Email: srodgers@email.unc.edu

Cecelia Roscigno, Assistant Professor

Phone: 919-966-9416

Pamela Johnson Rowsey, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Student Diversity and Recruitment

Phone: (919) 966-9053
Email: pjrowsey@email.unc.edu

Margarete Sandelowski, Cary C. Boshamer Professor

Phone: (919) 966-4298
Email: msandelo@email.unc.edu