Faculty (EPA) Orientation

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Welcome to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School Of Nursing!

We are delighted you have joined us and look forward to working with you.  The following information lists required documents we need to complete your faculty appointment as well as some valuable information you will need to know as a faculty member of the SON. Please go through these items as part of your orientation. Feel free to come back to access it anytime afterward when you need a refresher on specific information.


Please read and complete each form. Each form is required to have an original signature and date with the exception of the NC BON-CV. Return all completed and signed original forms to:  School of Nursing-Human Resources, CB# 7460, Room 112 Carrington Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460.

Criminal Background Check

North Carolina Board of Nursing (ONLY for faculty teaching Undergraduate Courses)

  • NC-BONCV Faculty Vitae (please submit electronically via email to your Division Chair/Manager. Once reviewed and updated by your Division Chair it will be forwarded to the HR Manager for processing)
  • Policy



FERPA training is required before a faculty member can be activated in ConnectCarolina and given access to their course information such as class rosters.

click here for FERPA training: http://registrar.unc.edu/training/ferpa/ferpa-instructions/

  • Compliance requirements for partial or fully funded grant positions :

ECRT System (Effort Certification)

      • If any part of your pay is from a grant account, you will receive an ECRT reminder via email on a semi annual basis.  The email will contain a link to the ECRT website (https://ecrt/unc/edu) which will require you to login using your Onyen userid and passwork.  Once you login, your ECRT record will show the distribution of all your salary funding sources by percentage(%).  You will need to verify the funding sources and percentages, then approve your record.
      • Note : If you are part-time, the ECRT system will represent 100% of your part-time FTE.
        Example : If you paid at .75 FTE, then your percent effort would show that you were paid 100% of your .75 FTE.
      • All grant funded employess are required to complete the human subjects education and have an OSR certificate added to their project folder in the IRB office.

insurance – IMPORTANT !

  • Permanent employees click here to sign up for BENEFITS        (Not for Temporary Employees)
  • Liability Insurance – The School requires enrollment in a professional liability insurance plan of each faculty/staff member who engages in interviewing, teaching or rendering nursing care, supervising students and/or clinical research in a hospital setting. Undergraduate Faculty who teach or supervise students in hospital settings are covered under the School’s blanket liability policy that covers undergraduate students. Nonetheless, individual liability coverage is strongly recommended.
  • If you need access to the UNC Hospitals CIS computer system or a UNC Hospital photo ID badge please contact your Divison Manager.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the School of Nursing Human Resources Office at (919) 966-9943.

 Various Policies

Parking (for permanent employees only)


Thank You!

We want to make sure that you have reviewed all the information that has been presented here. So after you review everything, fill in your name in the space below and hit the “Reviewed” button.