EPA Benefits

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Do you qualify for benefits?

1. Temporary employees do not quality for benefits.

2. If you are a permanent employee and your FTE is between 50% and 74%, you are eligible to apply for certain benefits, but you will be responsible for paying the premiums. Whether or not you elect to have benefits, the University’s Benefits Office requires that you sign off that you have reviewed the benefits policies. Please click here to review your options and sign.

user id:  EPA
password:  orientation

3. If you are a permanent employee and your FTE is 75% -100%, you are eligible to apply for all benefits.  Please begin this process by clicking here.

user id:  EPA
password:  orientation

Please read carefully before beginning the online benefit orientation:

After logging in, you should make every attempt to complete orientation in its entirety. Please allow approximately 90 minutes for completion. If you logout before completion, you will have to start benefits orientation over from the beginning. Please complete and submit the Employee Sign-Off form before logging out to indicate that you have taken and completed online orientation.

It is your responsibility to complete orientation and submit completed benefit enrollment forms no later than 30 days from your effective date of hire. Failure to submit the completed benefits enrollment forms within 30 days may result in ineligibility for benefits and/or additional waiting periods, or the need for additional documentation, depending on the benefit.

Please submit all signed, original copies of your forms to:

UNC Benefit Program Administration Office
CB# 1045
104 Airport Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045.

Remember to keep a copy for your records!