AHEC Nurse Refresher Course

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AHEC Nurse Refresher Course

Target Audience: RNs who reside in Durham, Orange, Person and Chatham counties and who have registered for the RN Refresher Program through the Friday Center.


To enroll in the RN Refresher Program you must send in a signed application to the Friday Center* the application is located on the last page of the RN Refresher Brochure.   To receive a brochure with an application please call 919-966-3736 or send an email to ataft@email.unc.edu.  Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address in the body of the email.

The theory portion of the course is $675 total. $575 is payable to the Friday Center for Continuing Education* and a $100 administrative fee is payable to the Center for Life Long Learning at the School of Nursing.

Please pay the $100 administrative fee after you receive a signed brochure.  You may pay the fee either before or after you send in your payment of $575 to the Friday Center* but you will not be allowed to access the course until after you have paid the $100 administrative fee. 

If you have any difficulties registering please call the Center for Life Long Learning at 919-966-3638 or send an email to NURSING_CLL@UNC.EDU between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Please see refund policies below.

Click here to pay Administration Fee $100

Clinical Practicum

If you are interested in taking a clinical practicum you will need to discuss your eligibility with the instructor prior to paying your placement fee.  You can only take the clinical practicum if you are a resident of North Carolina and can provide proof of residency.   To see if you qualify please contact Jennie Wagner at 919-966-0579 jmwagner@email.unc.edu   you will register and pay for your clinical fees after you finish the theory portion of the program.

Click here to pay Clinical Placement Fee $250

Tuition Fees and Refund Policy for AHEC Nurse Refresher Program

Theory Portion – Paid to Friday Center  $575
 Administrative Fee – Paid to Center for Life Long Learning (CLL)  $100
 Clinical Fee – Paid to CLL  $250
 Clinical Credentialing fee  Varies
 Background Check/ Drug Testing Fees  Varies                          


  • If a refresher student withdraws from the Theory Course within thirty days of enrollment, he/she receives a refund of $425 from the Friday Center. No refunds are made after thirty days.
  • There are no refunds of fees paid (including the clinical fee and the program administrative/application fees)

*Friday Center, Campus Box 102, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1020

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm | Phone: 919-966-3638 | Fax: 919-966-0870  email: nursing_cll@unc.edu