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Lisa Miller
Associate Dean, Administrative Services
Lisa manages the day to day operations for the entire Office of Administrative Services Department. In addition, she serves as the financial advisor to the Dean, and manages all the School’s resources.

Charlene A.Womble
Administrative Specialist
Charlene serves as the receptionist for the Office of Administrative Services Department and secretary to the Assistant Dean. In addition, she has many other responsibilities which includes: processing all room reservation requests, except for rooms 104 (contact the Dean’s Office) and 216a (contact CRCI); collecting and sorting timesheets; distribution of all bi-weekly and monthly paychecks; maintaining and tracking all leave for both EPA and SPA employees; coordinating Personnel Activity Reports (PARS); reserving the SON state car and the service/visitor permits; and serving as the backup for the Facilities Coordinator.

Sam Deal
Facilities Manager
Sam oversees the day to day operations of Carrington Hall managing the all maintenance and facilities which includes but is not limited to: working with faculty, staff and students in a customer services capacity handling all problems and concerns; coordinating renovations and assisting with the new building addition; handling services such as phones, pagers, voicemail, keys, security, climate control, signage, power and elevator problems and any problems in regard to housekeeping; and serving as the parking and emergency coordinator.

Cheryl Blake
Financial Services Manager
Cheryl oversees the day to day operation as the Financial Manager of the school which includes: serving as financial advisor to the Associate Dean, Office of Administrative Services; overseeing all state, F&A, trust, foundation and receipt-supported financial transactions; and ensuring compliance with School, University, and State regulations

Administrative Support Specialist
This position provides fiscal support for all state, F&A, trust, and receipt-supported accounts which includes: managing budget related data through the coordination of the ConnectCarolina system; training new accounting personnel individually or in group settings; and conducting workshops to disseminate new accounting information.

Grace Chen
Grants Manager
Grace oversees the day to day operations as the Grants Manager of the school which includes: assisting and supporting faculty and the Research Support Center with grant budget proposal writing; working directly with faculty to track the personnel expenditures for all funded grants; tracking the funding and proposals of grants; and assisting in the preparation of progress reports and preparing notice of termination reports.

Minh Quach
Grants Specialist
Minh provides fiscal oversight for all non-personnel grant expenditures which includes: advising grant personnel about University’s fiscal policies, procedures and regulations; reconciling purchasing cards to assure charges made are expensed to the appropriate funding source for the grant; training new accounting personnel individually or in group settings; and conducting workshops to disseminate new accounting information.

Roxana Shevack
Human Resources Manager
The HR Manager oversees the day to day personnel operations of the school including: counseling supervisors and staff regarding personnel issues or concerns, overseeing the staff performance management program; working with supervisors in the preparation of staff position descriptions; managing the staff salary in-range program; coordinating summer school payments; processing the Annual Raise Process (ARP); working with Division Chairs and APT for matters related to faculty appointments.

Jordan Wolf
HR Facilitator
The HR Facilitator coordinates the recruitment and hiring process for all SPA staff and EPA faculty which includes: processing all personnel forms related to SPA staff (permanent and temporary) and EPA teaching assistants (TA), research assistants (RA) and graduate assistants (GA) and faculty and EPA non-faculty appointments/reappointments/promotions/one-time payments etc;; conducting new faculty/staff orientation and termination interviews; organizing and documenting all WPPR performance work plans, and performance reviews; and assisting the Human Resources Manager in all aspects related to staff and faculty appointments.