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Jennie M. Wagner, EdD RN MBA MSN IBCLC

Assistant Professor

Phone: (919) 966-0579
Specialty Area: Online Learning, Women’s Health

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 537

Dr. Jennie Wagner is the lead instructor for a statewide, distance education course, the North Carolina Nurse Refresher program, administered through the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Also, Jennie serves as the RN Options Program Leader for the RN to MSN Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Wagner's research interest includes minority college students and college completion. Her doctoral research paradigm included a quantitative analysis of the relationship between minority college students, social capital theory, and college completion. Jennie continued her advocacy for minority college students and was appointed to the Provost Committee on Inclusion Excellence & Diversity (PCIED) and served as Co-chair of the Communications Committee.

Jennie earned her ADN from Wayne Community College, BSN and MSN from East Carolina University, Master's Degree in Business Management and Doctorate in Adult Education from North Carolina State University. Jennie's clinical practice includes Medical Surgical Nursing and most recently Maternal Newborn Nursing. She is a certified Lactation Consultant and is practicing at Rex Healthcare.

Books and Chapters

Wagner, J.  (2016). Shifting family structure: Theoretical perspectives of worldwide population and family composition.  In P. Hershberger & E. Stevenson (Eds), Contemporary fertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART): Advancing global discussion in theory, practice polity & research (pp. 15-28).  New York, NY: Springer.

Wagner, J., Schuler, M.E. (Eds). (November, 2015). North Carolina RN Refresher Online Program Textbook Vol 1 & 2.  The Friday Center: Chapel Hill, NC.

Wagner, J., & Schuler, M.E. (November, 2015). Module 24: Clinical Nursing Skills.  In M.E. Schuler & J. Wagner.  (Eds.). North Carolina RN Refresher Online Program Textbook Vol 1 & 2. The Friday Center: Chapel Hill, NC. Approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing, December 2015.

Wagner, J., & Schuler, M.E. (November, 2013). Module 24: Clinical Nursing Skills.  In G. Mazzocco, (Ed.), North Carolina RN Refresher Online Program, Vol 1-4.  The Friday Center: Chapel Hill, NC. Approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing, November 2013.

Refereed Papers/Articles

Wagner, J.  (2015).  Hispanic minority college students at selective colleges: What matters with degree completion?  Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 1-32.

O’Neal, D., Zomorodi, M. & Wagner, J.  (2015).  Nursing education progression: associate degree nursing faculty perspective.  Nurse Educator, 40 

Wagner, J., Jenkins, B., & Smith, J. (2006). Nurses’ utilization of parent questionnaires for developmental screening.   Pediatric Nursing 32(5), 409-412.

Products of engaged scholarship

Wagner, J.  (2013, November).  Reflection to enhance communication with clients.  ILCA E-Globe Newsletter.

Henderson, S. & Wagner, J. (2013, March).  The role of the lactation educator.  ILCA E-Globe Newsletter.

Wagner, J., & Henderson, S.  (2012, April).  Teaching adults: Tips for better classes.  ILCA E-Globe Newsletter.

Refereed unpublished oral presentations and/or abstracts

Wagner, J. & Akroyd, D. (2015, February).  Factors that Impact Graduation Rates of Black Undergraduates at Selective Universities. Paper presented at Eastern Educational Research Association, Sarasota, Florida.

Foster, B., Brown, C., Wagner, J., & O’Sullivan, R.  (2012, November).  Learning outcomes measurement in an RN to BSN program: Instrument development.  Paper presented at American Association of Colleges of Nursing, San Antonia, Texas.

Moore, T., Hoggan, C., Houde, J., & Wagner, J.  (2007, June).  Reviewing adult learning: A collaborative self-directed learning model for adult educators.  Paper presented at the Adult Education Research Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Moore, T., Houde, J., Wagner, J., & Hoggan, C.  (2006, September).  Collaborative self-directed learning.  Paper presented at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference, Raleigh NC.

Invited presentations

Wagner, J., & Freeman, M. (2015, March).  Hispanic minority college students at selective colleges: What matters with degree completion?  Paper presented at NAPSA Conference, New Orleans.

Wagner, J.  (2012, March).  Factors predictive of 6-year college completion for minority undergraduates in selective universities.  Poster presented at NC State University, Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education.