Meg Zomorodi, PhD, CNL, RN

Associate Professor; HCS Lead Faculty, MSN Division; and Health Care Systems APA Coordinator
Adult Health, Health Care Systems


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
School of Nursing
Carrington Hall, CB #7460
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460

Office: 526

Meg Zomorodi PhD, CNL, RN is a Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Nursing and a Josiah Macy Jr. Faculty Scholar. She earned her BSN and PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing. Dr. Zomorodi’s serves as the Coordinator for the Health Care Systems Advanced Practice Area and is currently the Chair of the Executive Committee for the Master’s Program. She is the coordinator for the Clinical Nurse Leader Program and teaches across the undergraduate and graduate programs. She is the course coordinator for the undergraduate comprehensive adult med-surgical II course. She recently completed a two-year program with Sigma Theta Tau International as a Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy Scholar. Her research include intensive care nursing, end-of-life care, leadership skills, and has a passion for teaching across professions. Dr. Zomorodi is active on the community level and is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Alpha Chapter and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

2014-2016: Macy Faculty Scholar:

2015: Fellow i3@UNC Office of Learning Technology Fellows Program

2011-2013: Sigma Theta Tau National Faculty Leadership Academy Scholar

2011: Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Award, UNC School of Nursing Alumni Association

2009: Faculty Excellence Award Winner, UNC School of Nursing

2009: Research Podium Award, National Teaching Institute, New Orleans, LA

2008: Future Faculty Fellowship Award Recipient

2008: Tanner Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Teaching Assistants

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